Show And Tell Brand Management Services

Show And Tell years of experience will enable us to handle your Corporate Branding Implementation and Environmental Graphics on a regional basis in the following areas

Wayfinding and Traffic Study

To maximise value to your brand, we will help you study the traffic and analyze the wayfinding so as to find a strategic placement location for your brand which will be highly visible to the public

Project Management & Planning

When global brands need a leading hand, Show And Tell will use its experience to assist planning when it comes to the brand implementation.  You reap the benefits of such experience with the aid of technology in the form of industry-specific management software, so prepared to look good when you partner us.

Environmental Graphic Conceptualisation & Design

Show And Tell’s experience in environmental graphics is an important consideration for our partners and brand owners as such knowledge correlates with the brand and we know how to place it right

Signage Contract and Documentation

Worried that your organisation is not well covered contractually in the diverse operating environment of Asia?  Our experience and reputation will be able to assist you to navigate the diverse culture of Asia with solid contract documentation.

Manufacturing Design and Implementation

Brand expressed in many forms other than signs, may it be furniture or point of a sales item is easily be turned into a reality from conceptualization to finished products with our state of the art manufacturing. If we do not possess the in-house for any product, you are still well covered with our network of suppliers within the Asia Pacific region, thus making us your preferred one-stop brand implementation partner.

Packaging And Logistics

Show And Tell will ensure that your product is well packed for the journey to its destination for commissioning. We will use the best option that is available for the customers so as to keep the cost low yet meet the timeline.  Show And Tell partners with shipping agents that are diligent and efficient in territories that they are good at rather than depending on one central source for logistics.