Brandinghands Brand Implementation Methodology

Step 1

Thorough Understanding Of Your Brand

Branding success is starts with a thorough understanding of the brand guide.  Once we receive the CI guide we endeavor to spend time understanding the design so as to understand what the client and corporate identity designer wants to achieve. We will do a comprehensive study of all the concept design and hierarchy.

Step 2

Plan For Success

Brandinghands will walk through with the client the intend path of action and do a custom but holistic plan to meet with the customers delivery expectation interfacing data collected from;

  1. Various stakeholders involved and their challenges in terms of quality and delivery expectation
  2. Local and municipality application requirement for signage license.
  3. Logistic partner in terms of shipping requirement,local custom clearance requirement and delivery to site.
  4. Facility saftey department requirement to meet with safe installation requirements.

Step 3

Clarity Of Brand Asset Needs

Purpose, to give client the clarity of what they need accumulated from various sites. One of the best ways to achieve this is to do a site survey to catalogue or recommend brand asset needed to complete the new design. At the same time attempt will be made to communicate what is provided within the CI guide. Wayfinding solution will be provided upon request. We will bring clarity for all stakeholders the proposed timeline and installation requirements. As soon as the details are clear, you as a client will get a comprehensive survey report.

Step 4

Well-Organized Manufacturing Process

Purpose is to give a peace of mind to all stakeholders that production is well under control. We will prepare production shop drawings in conjunction with installation method for stakeholders` approval. Satisfying client’s requirement is our utmost priority, as soon as you sign off shop drawing, first article and timeline, we proceed with the following steps.

  • Maintain production standards and uniformity that’s compatible across regions.
  • Conduct progress inspection with you to satisfy quality requirement and updating progress on tracking software.
  • Conduct factory completion inspection with the client prior to shipping off to destination for installation.
  • Preparation of shipping documentation, space booking and arrangement for a custom clearance.
  • Brief installation team on the brand and installation requirement.
  • Enforce timeline so that the above process does not deviate from plan

Step 5

Enjoy The Ride!

Clients enjoys the entire process as Brandinghands does all the heavy lifting and preparing the final process of handover,

  • Brief the client on the status of installation, timeline and installation on a regular basic.
  • Provision of manufacturing & installation photographic evidence.
  • Handover inspection with the local office – finally the new brand up and running.